Winter Clinic Registration

2024 Winter Clinic Brochure and Registration

Current Late Fall Participants: registration for winter session opened 12/4 for all current Late Fall clinic participants.

General Public: registration for winter session opens 12/11 for any one not currently enrolled in our Late Fall clinics.

All registrations must be done by email! No early registrations, walk-ins, phone calls or mail-ins please. To register, email, provide child’s name and age, or your name, the clinic name, clinic day and clinic time. You will then receive an email confirming registration and providing payment information. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please email again. Once you receive confirmation, you can mail in the registration form with payment.

Holiday Events

Sign up now for fun over the winter break!
2023 Holiday Events Registration

Holiday Events Dec 26th-29th
For Juniors (9-17 yr old) Intermediate/Advanced Players
Tuesday 12/26-Friday 12/29 1-3pm $190

$35/team/member, $45/team/nonmember
Women: Tuesday Dec. 26th 10 a.m.-noon *
Women: Wednesday Dec. 27th 10 a.m.-noon *
Women: Thursday Dec 28th 10 a.m.-noon *
Men (6.0-7.0): Tuesday Dec. 26th 7-9 p.m.
Men (8.0-9.0): Thursday Dec 28th 7-9 p.m.
Mixed (6.0-7.0): Wednesday Dec. 27th 7-9 p.m. *
Mixed (7.0-8.0): Friday Dec. 29th  7-9 p.m.  *
*covered dish
Deadline for Registration: December 18th 
Sign up today! 2023 Holiday Event Registration Form
WSTC accepts cash, check and PayPal
(; if you use PayPal please select “Friends & Family”, NOT “Goods & Services”.

Inclement Weather Policy

Any changes in club opening, closing, etc. due to inclement weather will be posted on our website here under “Club News” . Please check our website for our status before calling or coming to the club if you think weather may be an issue. Just because we don’t answer the phone doesn’t mean we’re closed; we may be on court or out shoveling : ).

Note: we do not follow school closings; even if schools are closed or are closing, we are probably open!